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    About Us

    Proteus has over 40 years in engineering and design. We include Professionals in Mechanical and Electronic engineering, as well as many manufacturing and fabrication experts. We have the expertise to handle your project!


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    100% Total Integration

    We have developed software systems that tightly integrate documentation and 3D models into one cohesive package in a database of the client's preference.


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    CDD - Cad/Doc/Database.

    The CDD system reduces time spent finding information, Provides more information, Ability to view & Share entire facility/parts with anyone, Non-CAD personnel can "Run & Integrate" the system.


Our Capabilities

Company Information
At Proteus Systems Inc., knowledge, engineering and technology combine to deliver innovative project documentation. While we could supply traditional text-based manuals and guides, we can provide innovative animated technical documentation required by today's leading technological and scientific applications.

We document software engineering using a 3D model backbone with an integrated technology knowledge database, and we enable real-time access to experiential knowledge through advanced linked document systems. We take an integrated approach in generating animated technical manuals, test ' what if' scenarios and enable database connectivity .

How We Manage Projects
Contractors and fabricators are on our project team. Our approach allows each stakeholder to be fully aware of all fine details in all project phases: from design through fabrication, construction, operations and maintenance. The Client 'sees' the entire project scope before commencement of the construction phase.
Customer Service
We have worked in the industry and recognize the need for easy access to specific information in a timely and easy process. We understand support when you need it, and to the point, so you can get on with the project at hand and not spend hours in a holding pattern, trying to get the job done!,
Award Winning
Sometimes it can feel like you are stuck working with an old system. We work very hard to meet all of your needs, and do so with the latest versions of software, you actually use. We keep current, so yo can take advantage of the latest award wining systems in to days fast market place.,
Global Reach
We have international projects from Canada, the US to projects in Europe and around the world. Our systems are virtual & dynamic, we can deliver and maintain these systems wherever you need to be.,
We build virtual worlds for your interaction and project management. You will have a password protected site, to allow the exchange of sensitive information and updates as required, we are your project team.,


Recent Comments

I was really surprised and pleased with this system. I was creating a new product, and wanted to make sure it was done right, It was, in spades. -John Smith

I was frustrated, trying to find info in our old system. Outdated drawings, specs out of date on parts, maintenance info was lost. Now I have everything I need, when I need it, Proteus really works! -Brian Beswick

Our Commitment

We understand the frustrations of working on equipment or complex systems without vital information, or documentation poor in detail or not "up to date". We have a dedicated team of professional engineers, document specialists, writers and artists who will assemble a comprehensive system of 3D models, parts and maintenance manuals, as well as detailed specifications on how to manufacture, assemble and maintain your equipment. In addition our system provides the ability to get the information precisely when and where you need it, without mistakes or wrong part numbers etc.

We also know you need information available both in the field, and in the office environment. We will build you a system that allows quick, visually enhanced access to the data, the drawings, the parts catalogs and complex procedures needed to build and maintain your systems. We take the frustration out of maintaining systems throughout their life cycle, and getting replacement parts when and as required.

Let Proteus build a system for you.